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How to Organize a Good Christmas Party

BY matilda December 17, 2019

Good preparation is extremely important – a Christmas party can be an unforgettable experience for anyone on the team or in the company if carefully prepared, but still with plenty of room left for spontaneity and some improvisation

Not everyone likes them, but holiday parties are the most important non-business event of the year for a lot of people. If you’ve been tasked with planning an annual employee Christmas party for your company, don’t make it just another ordinary team lunch or dinner. By carefully evaluating the best way to approach and conduct this holiday party, you can create an experience that enhances the morale and satisfaction of the team or the company.

It is important to begin with the basics – which topic should be fun, where the event should take place (and this is where Hotel Katarina presents itself as the perfect solution), how many guests are coming, when it should happen and which food and drinks will be served during the occasion – before you start with a specialized event planning and implementation. Of course, like any other event or project, you must first create a project plan defining the event details for employees.

Every good party needs these essential elements to be successful, but not everything has to be carved into stone before you start finalizing the details. Very often company executives, instead of the most creative team members, get to decide about the time of the event or a specific topic, so it is best to cooperate with the team when deciding which details will be appropriate for your specific company.

The best time for having a party for employees is probably at lunchtime. Statistics on holiday parties suggest a growing trend in this direction, showing that nearly half of corporate events in the last five years have taken place over lunch.

If you opt for an evening event, you will need to decide which evening is the best. While some may think Friday is the best choice because most employees are available on weekends, in fact, there are too many Christmas parties in December, that you need to choose the date of the event wisely.

Of course, do not forget appropriate gifts – it is a sign of care and trust in your employees after all.

Interesting Events for Those Travelling to Split in Wintertime

BY matilda December 9, 2019

Whether you arrive on business or leisure to Hotel Katarina during winter, and you decide to visit Split, do not think for a second that you will be greeted by a cold city with closed blinds or some old lady peeking occasionally because she has destroyed her vocal cords last summer behind the clotheslines, so now she keeps quiet and murmurs something to herself.

Quite the contrary, Split has many locations to visit in wintertime, as well as events that should not be missed.

Advent in Split

Although it is not very likely that it will snow, Split has something other cities do not have – the sea. Advent by the sea on the main promenade Riva has a special atmosphere. Its rich Advent program starts on November 30th and in December it includes performances of the famous celebrities from the Split Festival: the indestructible Đorđi Peruzović, the bel canto master Alen Nižetić and the excellent Giuliano accompanied by the band Diktatori, which will not leave you indifferent.

Mayors of Split Exhibition (1882-1918)

Very few people haven’t heard of the Velo Misto TV series, and most of us have watched it at least once or in numerous reruns. That is why we know that the mayors of Split, together with the town’s public services, have had a very difficult job over decades. The exhibition at the Split City Museum covers a period of more than a hundred years ago and points out an era when Split prospered significantly, while its special attraction is the everyday life collection.

25th Christmas Crusader Regatta

The sailing club Zenta has been organizing a traditional sailing event for a quarter of a century with the aim of marking the Christmas holidays. This year, 40 crusaders with over 150 yachtsmen are expected to perform, which is an attraction not only for the participants but also for all of those who will watch the regatta from the mainland or maybe from their boats at sea. The regatta takes place on December 14th and 15th and the organizers will announce the winner, while everybody enjoys some dried cod and wine.

Game of Thrones

The fans of one of the world’s most popular TV series, filmed in Split, should definitely visit the museum dedicated to the series (Bosanska 9) and the fan shop located right next to the museum. In addition, several travel agencies organize sightseeing tours of the original filming locations, from the Slaver’s Bay to the mystical Essos. And it is best to visit these locations in winter because – Winter is coming!

How to Reward Your Colleagues for a Successful Business Year?

BY matilda November 29, 2019

When you get successful results, you want to reward your employees for their hard work, effort and dedication. Do they need bonuses? Of course, but this is part of a financial business policy of each company which does not allow much room for manoeuvre.

At the end of the year, your successful team or individuals deserve creative rewards, and that does not have to involve huge financial resources. First of all, these are benefits that cost you very little as a company, while giving your employees a recognition in the workplace and creating the kind of friendship that grows in successful companies. Here’s what you can do:

Job swapping

In most of the workplaces, a manager’s office is a sign of respect and achievement. Giving that space for a day or a week to a deserving employee or employees conveys a certain level of respect for them and shows not only that you recognize their accomplishments, but that you also have the humility to give up your company hierarchy.

Best place to park

Just like your office, a parking space near the office, or in the shade during the summer days, shows a high value and achievement. Give your deserving colleagues that parking space for a week as a daily reminder of how much you value them. As an extra bonus, you can even make small banners with their names printed to show that the space is indeed theirs during that week.

Dinner with the boss

Depending on the size of your company, accessing the person on the very top can be quite limited. Organizing a dinner with the CEO or the Chairman of the Board allows your employees to address their ideas and thoughts to the chief decision maker. As an extra bonus, it helps your boss connect with the workers, while supporting a better sense of community and culture within the company.

Lunch for the whole team

Everybody loves food. But we all have our own personal taste. Giving your best employees a chance to order their favourite dishes and then sharing that with the team allows you to simultaneously give great opportunities for the whole office.

Spa day

Smooth jazz. Endless attention. Dream massage. Need we say more? Yes – a dream massage from 4 to 6 PM for your colleagues? Reward them with some dedicated time including a spa or some other special treatment.

It is easy to implement these last three suggestions at Hotel Katarina in Dugopolje, where you can also be inspired for other ideas for rewarding your team, from a weekend at the hotel to gift cards.


What (Not) to Bring With You to a Wellness Centre?

BY matilda November 22, 2019

You have finally decided to take care of yourself and spend a wellness weekend? The answer is positive, but everything else must be positive too, from the decision that you will truly devote yourself to improving your body and mind to everything else.

For a relaxing and refreshing stay, here’s a ‘must-have’ for your packing list:

Comfortable everyday casual wear

Not every moment of your wellness weekend is dedicated to relaxing in specialized rooms – there will be plenty of time for other relaxing activities as well. Bring clothes that will make you feel comfortable so you can focus on your well-being, not your appearance. Of course, don’t forget your swim shorts or swimsuit.


Check the weather forecast for your destination. Bring a layered outfit, from a T-shirt to a softshell jacket, or perhaps a comfortable hiking parka if you expect a drop in temperature or a strong wind. Forget business attire.


Even if you’re not the type to wear a watch, make sure you bring one. When you leave your smartphone in your room (because you don’t need any extra information!!!), you will need a reliable watch that will let you know how much time you have left for exercise and when to prepare for the next activity.

Little backpack

Bring a lightweight backpack for your room key, sunglasses, a book, a magazine, a bottle of water, for everything you need, except your smartphone.

Of course, you have to give up something. Over-packing for wellness centre is almost a trend, so it’s wise to choose your items carefully. But what you need to leave at home (or at least in the room) is:

Your job

Focus on the present moment and forget about your business obligations completely. Your co-workers will get by without you for one weekend. As the saying goes in Dalmatia: Your job is not going anywhere!

Social media

Anxiety and stress about making perfect photos on which you have to prove to others and yourself that you’re perfectly fine is something you don’t need at all. Focus on getting your energy back, not wasting it additionally.

Favorite things you, like, can’t do without

Leave them at home. Wellness is a very personal experience, where you only face yourself and your desires and potentials, without material things. And all that you need in that sense will be provided to you by the staff of Hotel Katarina in Dugopolje who knows exactly what you may miss. Because saunas, pools and massages at Hotel Katarina will surely leave you breathless and stress-free.

Special Occasion Lunches

BY matilda November 12, 2019

The most memorable family moments remain as eternal memories and deserve a celebration that you will remember with a smile. Whether it is a baptism, holy confirmation,  a birthday, an anniversary or any other occasion, celebrate them in the carefully designed organization in Katarina Hotel.

We also offer you a top-notch organization of Christmas receptions. You can enjoy a happy and relaxed celebration of the end of another successful business year in the company of colleagues and business partners, with some great food and drinks.

A restaurant with 150 seats can be at your disposal with two types of menus and a room decoration that is tailored to your preferences. The menu contains specially selected dishes of Mediterranean and Dalmatian cuisine, and our friendly staff will make sure that you experience a memorable and amazing  day.



Cold appetizer


 Cheese – Livanjski

 French salad

Warm appetizer

Beef soup with homemade noodles

Black cuttlefish risotto

Veal risotto

Main course

Grilled lamb


Seasonal salad


 Cold appetizer


Cheese – Livanjski

 French salad

 Fish pate

 Warm appetizer

 Beef soup with homemade noodles

Dalmatian pašticada

Homemade gnocchi

Main course

Grilled lamb


Seasonal salad

BEVERAGE PACKAGE – Included in menu price:

 Welcome drink (various brandies)

White wine and red wine

0,33l beer (Ožujsko and Karlovačko)

Non-carbonated water 0,75l

Mineral sparkling water 0,75l


Natural juices


* Guests bring their own cakes and cookies


Contact us via e-mail info@hotelkatarina.hr or telephone number +385 (0)21 712 333 and delight and impress your guests with delicious food, a cozy and beautiful atmosphere, and professional service.


Hotel Katarina Widens Its International Business Horizons

BY matilda November 8, 2019

November 4-6, London hosted the World Travel Market (WTM), one of the largest tourism fairs with more than 5,000 exhibitors from more than 180 countries.

It is a crucial 3-day event that gathers the key stakeholders within the global tourism industry and the travel sector, covering the topics of trends, challenges and innovations in tourism. This year’s fair was visited by more than 50,000 representatives of tourism and business sector, from agents, investors, media representatives and digital influencers all the way to the ministers and other high officials from the tourism industry across the globe. WTM is a platform for creating business opportunities and negotiating business deals combinely valued at £2,8 million.

As one of the biggest global hits of the upcoming year, Croatia has really seized this opportunity.

Croatian Tourist Board has once again organized the presentation of Croatian tourism offer on its 330 ㎡  stand. Visitors have especially appreciated the VR installation as many of our partners enjoyed a virtual walk through Dubrovnik, rafting on the Zrmanja river and a Kornati islands cruise. Among others, Croatian stand was visited by the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Arts, Heritage and Tourism Helen Whately.

Tourist boards from many Croatian counties have presented their offer, including the Split and Dalmatia County, noted by the eVisitor system as the most visited and most searched Croatian region in October.

The data say that this October saw a 14% rise in arrivals and an 8% rise in overnight stays within commercial accommodation. As for the market of the United Kingdom, the Split and Dalmatia County registered a 17% rise in arrivals and a 10% rise in overnight stays compared to October last year. In the area of Middle Dalmatia, guests from Great Britain have mostly favoured Split, followed by Hvar. Overall, this year, Germany has for the first time taken the title of a country with most visitors to our county.

Naturally, Hotel Katarina has found its place in this picture, holding up many successful meetings with a variety of partners and thus widening the perspective of new foreign guests’ arrivals even further.

Which Menu to Choose for Your Business Lunch?

BY matilda November 6, 2019

Organizing business lunches is part of an event organizer’s tasks.


There are many different types of business events where lunch should be served, and organizers are often responsible for creating menus suitable for the event and the number of guests to be served. For example, a lunch prepared for a working group in a corporate setting will be very different from a lunch prepared for donors.

Here are some of the variables to consider:

  • What is the occasion? Is it a formal event, like a sit-down lunch served after closing a big deal for a smaller number of people, or is it a simple corporate buffet at a conference? Although most lunches are served in a buffet style, you should consult your client before implementing this option.
  • How many guests will be served? Based on the number of participants, you will need to consider appropriate food and drink, service options and prices.


Client’s needs should always come first and the usual options cannot be ideal for every client. But in most cases there is a standardized offer that, with the right food and drink choices, may be quite suitable.


Deli buffet is quite popular for conferences and it mostly includes a variety of finger food options that are easy to choose and usually pleasing to most people – assuming you first find out if there are any guests who eat gluten-free food, who are maybe vegetarians or who eat kosher food.


As a conference meal, lunch must be quick and easy so that event guests could stay focused on the content. Most caterers offer multiple options for creating a special lunch menu, which can be served as a buffet or as a real meal. Creating your own menu is best suited for a formal event, or an event where a client wants to impress his or her guests. When it comes to a business lunch for a smaller number of clients, then it is best to consult the caterer beforehand, and emphasize that the service must be discreet and fast and that the lunch must include delicacies.


No matter what type of meal you choose, it is important to offer your guests a variety of drinks. With today’s increasing popularity of flavoured and vitamin water and energy drinks, event coordinators should not dwell solely on bottled water. Alcohol is rarely served at lunch, although in some cases it is appropriate and should be included. Other common options include dietary and standard soft drinks, a variety of juices, coffee, decaffeinated coffee and tea.


A perfect business lunch for any business occasion with any organizer’s wish is, of course, provided by the Hotel Katarina.

Six Rules of Every Successful Conference

BY matilda October 24, 2019

There are many details that affect the success of a conference, from participants ready (or not) to socialize to duration of each individual lecture or discussion. However, if the organizers meet six rules that apply to each conference, they can rest assured it will be a success.

How can we evaluate the success of a conference we attended or organized? Certainly not by the amount of canapés during breaks or the number of hostesses (though that matters, too!). In order to evaluate whether a conference has been successful or not, we need to know how to rate some of its key determinants.


Organizing a conference is in many ways similar to preparing a university lecture system. There are phases before, during and after the arrangements that need to be worked out and a back-up plan has to be made for each phase. The more original ideas are included in the planning phase, the better the conference will be. So we can safely say that the organization is the backbone of a successful conference.


Participants certainly like the fact that there are many interesting presentations in their area of expertise, but they also like to have a choice. It is also advisable to incorporate something different into a conference format, such as a mini-course that lasts for several days during a conference or a specialized workshop.


In the good old days, having a coffee break was the only option for hanging out during a conference. We still appreciate a well-presented coffee break with a variety of attractive snacks and drinks, but today we also expect a good array of social activities: an afternoon quiz, an evening concert, stand-up comedies, art exhibitions, excursions, etc.

Conference staff

One of the crucial factors for a successful conference is a friendly and efficient conference staff. They are the ones who provide answers to every question and always with a smile on their face. So, even better treatment than among family members.

Top speakers

We all want to see our favourite speakers and thinkers in person and in action. However, a successful conference will require an optimal number of excellent presenters. It is not enough to bring in an attractive keynote speaker, the basis of the conference are all the other lectures and panel discussions.


Comfortable rooms, high quality equipment, accessibility, transportation to and from hotel, that is, a venue are the first things that come to mind when we think of a successful conference venue. High-speed internet, IT equipment from media pointers to flipcharts, precise sound system with a wireless microphone… In two words: Hotel Katarina!

Unknown Facts about Dugopolje

BY matilda October 16, 2019

If you think of Dugopolje as a recent settlement formed around a modern economic and business zone, you are seriously mistaken. Dugopolje has a long history with plenty of interesting facts. 


The area of the municipality of Dugopolje, where the Hotel Katarina is located, was inhabited even during the Neolithic and the Early Stone Age, which is evidenced by its numerous archaeological sites. One of the most impressive is Vranjača, the most beautiful cave in Dalmatia, attracting many excursionists and tourists with its beauty. The entrance to the cave, the so-called atrium, has been known to locals since the ancient times, while the second part was discovered by the owner of that exact land, when he was passing through a narrow passage looking for a wounded pigeon.

Plague and cholera, emperors and tourists

Dugopolje and its surroundings are a typical example of a karst landscape with phenomena such as limestone pavements, sinkholes, abysses, karst bays, karst fields and caves. You can discover them by walking along the Mali put through the Dugopolje field. The area was pillaged by Turks and Venetians, ravaged by plague, famine and cholera, but today it is visited by tourists from Spain, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Two emperors also passed through Dugopolje: Francis II. (1825) and Francis Joseph I. (1875).

Fatherland of the top athletes

Many top Croatian athletes come from Dugopolje. The most famous among them is the legendary marathon swimmer Veljko Rogošić, the four-time world swimming marathon champion and a kind moustached man, who is best remembered by many generations for the television ad for Pipi. In addition to the marathon swimmer of all time, who, by the way, made big money also as a mannequin and shot more than 120 commercials, the famous Hajduk footballer Jurica Jerkovic and Igor Culin, one of the most successful rowing coaches, the former coach of the Croatian national rowing team and the winner of the bronze Olympic medal, also come from Dugopolje. 

Dugopolje – the centre of the world

While some of the top athletes come from Dugopolje, others came here, believe it or not, from Africa! In search of today’s top footballers, the Dugopolje Football Club hosted the former hero of the young Nigerian national team. Bernard Tsumega Bulbwa brought the Africa Cup of Nations title to his national team in 2015, and played for the Tunisian Espérance and the Moroccan Mouloudia.


Five Principles of a Successful Business Presentation

BY matilda October 7, 2019

Business presentation is crucial when sharing a vision with your colleagues, trying to explain a lesson through a webinar, or when giving a lecture at a conference

“Do I need to explain it to you for the millionth time?!” we sometimes ask angrily when our interlocutor(s) doesn’t understand very well what we are explaining to him. When we have a larger audience in front of us, at a business presentation or a conference lecture, there’s no room for anger, instead we must be precise, clear and loud.

In order to give a successful presentation, there are some principles to keep in mind:

1. Tell a story

Your business presentation, of course, will not be imaginary. Nevertheless, you should try to connect with your audience – whoever they may be. Engage your audience emotionally and you’ll be more likely to persuade them.

2. Keep it simple

Don’t overwhelm your audience with a lot of thematic directions. Try to give a presentation on three to five main points. Don’t annoy the audience by including everything you know, presentation is not a facts competition.

3. Have an answer to everything

There is a good chance that you will have to answer the questions at the end of the presentation. This means that you need to know all the potential answers. Although you will not use all of the information in your presentation, you must prepare it in additional materials.

4. Speak naturally

Don’t try to sound smart during the presentation of your company. Instead, speak as naturally as possible with conversational vocabulary. The goal of the presentation is to communicate clearly and articulately. Don’t sound like you’re teaching in class.

5. Don’t put everything on slides

We are all accustomed to using slides and visuals in our presentations. But don’t put all the information on the slides. If you read information from the slides, it gets boring, and that’s something your audience could do on their own.

The presentations will be particularly effective in a congress hall, a conference room and meeting rooms of the Hotel Katarina in Dugopolje, equipped with the latest presentation technology, from wireless microphone and laser pointer to flipchart and high-resolution projector.