Five Principles of a Successful Business Presentation

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Business presentation is crucial when sharing a vision with your colleagues, trying to explain a lesson through a webinar, or when giving a lecture at a conference

“Do I need to explain it to you for the millionth time?!” we sometimes ask angrily when our interlocutor(s) doesn’t understand very well what we are explaining to him. When we have a larger audience in front of us, at a business presentation or a conference lecture, there’s no room for anger, instead we must be precise, clear and loud.

In order to give a successful presentation, there are some principles to keep in mind:

1. Tell a story

Your business presentation, of course, will not be imaginary. Nevertheless, you should try to connect with your audience – whoever they may be. Engage your audience emotionally and you’ll be more likely to persuade them.

2. Keep it simple

Don’t overwhelm your audience with a lot of thematic directions. Try to give a presentation on three to five main points. Don’t annoy the audience by including everything you know, presentation is not a facts competition.

3. Have an answer to everything

There is a good chance that you will have to answer the questions at the end of the presentation. This means that you need to know all the potential answers. Although you will not use all of the information in your presentation, you must prepare it in additional materials.

4. Speak naturally

Don’t try to sound smart during the presentation of your company. Instead, speak as naturally as possible with conversational vocabulary. The goal of the presentation is to communicate clearly and articulately. Don’t sound like you’re teaching in class.

5. Don’t put everything on slides

We are all accustomed to using slides and visuals in our presentations. But don’t put all the information on the slides. If you read information from the slides, it gets boring, and that’s something your audience could do on their own.

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