The restaurant – perfect for celebrations

Impeccable service and pleasant ambience of the restaurant that can host up to 70 people, is ideal for private parties and celebrations of events worth remembering. Anniversaries, birthdays, engagement parties and celebrations of baptism and Confirmation truly are events that one remembers for a long time. This is why we would be honoured to organize these events for you. A la carte menu will consist of carefully chosen Mediterranean and Dalmatian meals, accompanied by a long wine list, while our professional staff will do everything to make this day memorable.

Business lunches, congresses and seminars

It is a well-known fact that business deals are only signed in the office, but they are negotiated over business dinner, while socializing and over drinks. This is why choosing a good restaurant says a lot about the way you conduct business. Impress your business partners by choosing the restaurant in Hotel Katarina since our seasonal local groceries and the freshness of Mediterranean herbs are made to impress. Our staff will be at your disposal to recommend all the a la carte meals as well as assist in choosing a perfect bottle of wine that will ideally suit your dinner.

Spaciousness and large groups capacity make this restaurant of Dalmatian cuisine a perfect choice even when it comes to larger tourist groups or lunch breaks during congresses and seminars taking place in the hotel or its vicinity.
Our offer can be perfectly adjusted to all sorts of events whether you would like to organize a simple coffee break, a business lunch or gala evening with various cocktails.

Elegant design and relaxing atmosphere of Aperitiv Bar located in Hotel Katarina make it a perfect place for a business meeting, a casual night with friends or just a break from work. The vicinity of the highway makes this bar a perfect place to relax from exhausting long drive. With an excellent selection of drinks, spirits and champagnes, you will feel cosy and relaxed. If you wish to grab a bite, check our daily menu in order to regain energy for the remaining obligations of the day. Have a freshly squeezed orange juice and a sandwich, finger food or a cup of coffee and some dessert and easily face the rest of the day.


If you wish your day to begin with a cup of coffee or you just want to relax after a hard day, visit our bar located on the second floor of the hotel. The bar is a perfect place to have a business meeting or pleasant night out with your friends over a cocktail. Modern design and its spaciousness make it ideal for holding private parties or celebrations. Enjoy the charming terrace whether you are taking pleasure in the sunny day or breathing in the fresh night air. The bar is a cosy gem for both locals and tourists alike.

Organization of celebrations at the hotel Katarina