How to Organize a Good Christmas Party

Good preparation is extremely important – a Christmas party can be an unforgettable experience for anyone on the team or in the company if carefully prepared, but still with plenty of room left for spontaneity and some improvisation

Not everyone likes them, but holiday parties are the most important non-business event of the year for a lot of people. If you’ve been tasked with planning an annual employee Christmas party for your company, don’t make it just another ordinary team lunch or dinner. By carefully evaluating the best way to approach and conduct this holiday party, you can create an experience that enhances the morale and satisfaction of the team or the company.

It is important to begin with the basics – which topic should be fun, where the event should take place (and this is where Hotel Katarina presents itself as the perfect solution), how many guests are coming, when it should happen and which food and drinks will be served during the occasion – before you start with a specialized event planning and implementation. Of course, like any other event or project, you must first create a project plan defining the event details for employees.

Every good party needs these essential elements to be successful, but not everything has to be carved into stone before you start finalizing the details. Very often company executives, instead of the most creative team members, get to decide about the time of the event or a specific topic, so it is best to cooperate with the team when deciding which details will be appropriate for your specific company.

The best time for having a party for employees is probably at lunchtime. Statistics on holiday parties suggest a growing trend in this direction, showing that nearly half of corporate events in the last five years have taken place over lunch.

If you opt for an evening event, you will need to decide which evening is the best. While some may think Friday is the best choice because most employees are available on weekends, in fact, there are too many Christmas parties in December, that you need to choose the date of the event wisely.

Of course, do not forget appropriate gifts – it is a sign of care and trust in your employees after all.