How to Reward Your Colleagues for a Successful Business Year?

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When you get successful results, you want to reward your employees for their hard work, effort and dedication. Do they need bonuses? Of course, but this is part of a financial business policy of each company which does not allow much room for manoeuvre.

At the end of the year, your successful team or individuals deserve creative rewards, and that does not have to involve huge financial resources. First of all, these are benefits that cost you very little as a company, while giving your employees a recognition in the workplace and creating the kind of friendship that grows in successful companies. Here’s what you can do:

Job swapping

In most of the workplaces, a manager’s office is a sign of respect and achievement. Giving that space for a day or a week to a deserving employee or employees conveys a certain level of respect for them and shows not only that you recognize their accomplishments, but that you also have the humility to give up your company hierarchy.

Best place to park

Just like your office, a parking space near the office, or in the shade during the summer days, shows a high value and achievement. Give your deserving colleagues that parking space for a week as a daily reminder of how much you value them. As an extra bonus, you can even make small banners with their names printed to show that the space is indeed theirs during that week.

Dinner with the boss

Depending on the size of your company, accessing the person on the very top can be quite limited. Organizing a dinner with the CEO or the Chairman of the Board allows your employees to address their ideas and thoughts to the chief decision maker. As an extra bonus, it helps your boss connect with the workers, while supporting a better sense of community and culture within the company.

Lunch for the whole team

Everybody loves food. But we all have our own personal taste. Giving your best employees a chance to order their favourite dishes and then sharing that with the team allows you to simultaneously give great opportunities for the whole office.

Spa day

Smooth jazz. Endless attention. Dream massage. Need we say more? Yes – a dream massage from 4 to 6 PM for your colleagues? Reward them with some dedicated time including a spa or some other special treatment.

It is easy to implement these last three suggestions at Hotel Katarina in Dugopolje, where you can also be inspired for other ideas for rewarding your team, from a weekend at the hotel to gift cards.