Katarina’s guests delighted with hotel’s location

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Real gems await near Dugopolje: Vranjača cave, Klis fort, Sinjska alka museum and more

Roman roads, cycling and trekking paths, tombstones, beautiful locales along Cetina river, eco-ethno villages, superb wine and food – these are just some of Dalmatian hinterlands’ main draws which led to its recent tourism boom. It’s no wonder that Katarina’s guests are always praising its Dugopolje location and its vicinity to Split and numerous local places of interest.


Hotel close to Split, but also Klis, Sinj, Trilj…

Split is, of course, ‘the flower of the Mediterranean’ and Diocletian’s palace attracts tourists from all over the world. But Dalmatian hinterlands are currently experiencing a boom, drawing in people curious for new experiences.

Katarina’s guests, there at a congress or a conference spend their free time sightseeing at Klis, Sinj, Trilj, Vrlika, Imotski, all vibrant locales joining together interesting events and historical locations.


Feel that Game of Thrones atmosphere

In the past several years the Sinjska alka museum in Sinj has been extremely popular with guests. It tells the history of Sinjska alka race, which is on UNESCO’s cultural heritage list. Considering Game of Thrones has conquered the world, it’s no wonder there is great interest in Klis and its fort, one of key locations in the globally popular series which delights its visitors with a magnificent view of Split and Dalmatia. Cave lovers can visit Vranjača cave which had once been inhabited and today is a protected geomorphological natural site. Its bountiful mineral formations earned it the title of the most beautiful Dalmatian cave.


Unconquered history and untouched beauty

While Dugopolje itself offers a view of Mosor’s northern slopes, there are countless opportunities for an active vacation: a trip to Peruće lake, taking a breath in Vrlika’s 19th century Česma park, sightseeing the remains of Tilurium Roman military camp at Trilj, touring medieval locactions such as Kamičak, Nutjak, and Čačvina forts, visiting the famous Lady of Sinj sanctuary, relaxing at Crveno and Modro jezero lakes, walking the Roman paths of middle Dalmatia where once Roman legionnaires marched…

Cetina river enlivens the area in a special way and old, 17th century mills by the Grab river’s source are a charming reminder of days gone by. The hinterlands are waiting for you to discover them: Katarina hotel is an ideal starting place for your new adventure.