Maderotherapy, also known as therapy with wooden rollers, is increasingly popular as a massage technique that successfully eliminates cellulite and prevents its appearance. The technique is performed using special rollers made of natural wood, which come in various shapes, each shape designed for an area to be treated. The advantage of using specially designed wooden elements is in a repeatable series of movements which provide an intense pressure on fibrous cellulite enabling the removal of fat deposits along with other toxins and excess water. Although clients mostly opt for this treatment in order to eliminate cellulite, the technique is also useful for treating back pain and body drainage. Maderotherapy is considered one of the most effective anti-cellulite treatments in the market, and many women have already recognized its results, so the technique became a real hit in a short time.


Treatment price (45 min): 150,00 kn


Promotional Offer

Package of 10 massages 10% discount – Price: 1350,00 kn

Package of 15 massages 20% discount – Price: 1800,00 kn

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* Services are charged in kuna. VAT is included in the price.