Organize seminars better than your competitors

Successful congress or seminar depends on the choice of lecturers, location and date of the event


If you are wondering why some of your competitors have better seminars or congresses with more participants, it is time to think about what they are doing better than you. Hotel Katarina, as the leading hotel for congress tourism in Central Dalmatia, will help you with that. Our top experts offer you five most important tips for preparing your best congress or seminar.


1. Three words will reveal you the most important thing for a good congress or seminar: preparation, preparation, and preparation. Do not wait for the last minute to start with event preparations. Give yourself plenty of time to get the best lecturers, secure a good date and the best location. Then, you will have a great opportunity to also have the right audience at the event. The rest is routine.


2. The best lecturers will be happy to collaborate with you if you give them enough time to prepare for the lectures, and if you notify them early enough, so you could “save the date” on their calendar on time. You already know that the best ones are also the most wanted ones, so be the first and ahead of the competitors.


3. The date of the event may seem irrelevant to you, but it is extremely important. Do not organize big events at the time others organize them, or if public, religious or school holidays take place during those days. You know that Croatians love to take a long weekend, and for some events, such as major festivals, the dates are known well in advance. Follow the others in order to better position yourself.


4. Choosing the location is crucial. Numerous studies have shown that people bring to mind, besides congresses or seminars, mostly ambience and food. Hotel Katarina is not unduly the first choice of congress and seminar organizers in Central Dalmatia. In addition to receiving as many as 1200 participants in its congress hall, a special attention is dedicated to its design, service and menu selection. Our guests are situated on the location that is difficult to escape from, but we will always and happily assist you with seemingly impossible requests. Likewise, when they complete their business activities, the surrounding area offers dozens of different sorts of entertainment. That is why all our lecturers, organizers and other guests are delighted with the authentic location, offer and food. And for everything else, you know what they say: we will find the way.


5. The audience at your seminars is your walking advertisement. Spoil them, so they could spread the good word and recommend you to the others. Offer them the best choice of price and quality, from seminar rooms to accommodation, wellness, food.

Or better yet, let us spoil them. And we leave it to you to only take care of the lecturers.