What (Not) to Bring With You to a Wellness Centre?

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You have finally decided to take care of yourself and spend a wellness weekend? The answer is positive, but everything else must be positive too, from the decision that you will truly devote yourself to improving your body and mind to everything else.

For a relaxing and refreshing stay, here’s a ‘must-have’ for your packing list:

Comfortable everyday casual wear

Not every moment of your wellness weekend is dedicated to relaxing in specialized rooms – there will be plenty of time for other relaxing activities as well. Bring clothes that will make you feel comfortable so you can focus on your well-being, not your appearance. Of course, don’t forget your swim shorts or swimsuit.


Check the weather forecast for your destination. Bring a layered outfit, from a T-shirt to a softshell jacket, or perhaps a comfortable hiking parka if you expect a drop in temperature or a strong wind. Forget business attire.


Even if you’re not the type to wear a watch, make sure you bring one. When you leave your smartphone in your room (because you don’t need any extra information!!!), you will need a reliable watch that will let you know how much time you have left for exercise and when to prepare for the next activity.

Little backpack

Bring a lightweight backpack for your room key, sunglasses, a book, a magazine, a bottle of water, for everything you need, except your smartphone.

Of course, you have to give up something. Over-packing for wellness centre is almost a trend, so it’s wise to choose your items carefully. But what you need to leave at home (or at least in the room) is:

Your job

Focus on the present moment and forget about your business obligations completely. Your co-workers will get by without you for one weekend. As the saying goes in Dalmatia: Your job is not going anywhere!

Social media

Anxiety and stress about making perfect photos on which you have to prove to others and yourself that you’re perfectly fine is something you don’t need at all. Focus on getting your energy back, not wasting it additionally.

Favorite things you, like, can’t do without

Leave them at home. Wellness is a very personal experience, where you only face yourself and your desires and potentials, without material things. And all that you need in that sense will be provided to you by the staff of Hotel Katarina in Dugopolje who knows exactly what you may miss. Because saunas, pools and massages at Hotel Katarina will surely leave you breathless and stress-free.