Which Menu to Choose for Your Business Lunch?

Organizing business lunches is part of an event organizer’s tasks.


There are many different types of business events where lunch should be served, and organizers are often responsible for creating menus suitable for the event and the number of guests to be served. For example, a lunch prepared for a working group in a corporate setting will be very different from a lunch prepared for donors.

Here are some of the variables to consider:

  • What is the occasion? Is it a formal event, like a sit-down lunch served after closing a big deal for a smaller number of people, or is it a simple corporate buffet at a conference? Although most lunches are served in a buffet style, you should consult your client before implementing this option.
  • How many guests will be served? Based on the number of participants, you will need to consider appropriate food and drink, service options and prices.


Client’s needs should always come first and the usual options cannot be ideal for every client. But in most cases there is a standardized offer that, with the right food and drink choices, may be quite suitable.


Deli buffet is quite popular for conferences and it mostly includes a variety of finger food options that are easy to choose and usually pleasing to most people – assuming you first find out if there are any guests who eat gluten-free food, who are maybe vegetarians or who eat kosher food.


As a conference meal, lunch must be quick and easy so that event guests could stay focused on the content. Most caterers offer multiple options for creating a special lunch menu, which can be served as a buffet or as a real meal. Creating your own menu is best suited for a formal event, or an event where a client wants to impress his or her guests. When it comes to a business lunch for a smaller number of clients, then it is best to consult the caterer beforehand, and emphasize that the service must be discreet and fast and that the lunch must include delicacies.


No matter what type of meal you choose, it is important to offer your guests a variety of drinks. With today’s increasing popularity of flavoured and vitamin water and energy drinks, event coordinators should not dwell solely on bottled water. Alcohol is rarely served at lunch, although in some cases it is appropriate and should be included. Other common options include dietary and standard soft drinks, a variety of juices, coffee, decaffeinated coffee and tea.


A perfect business lunch for any business occasion with any organizer’s wish is, of course, provided by the Hotel Katarina.